We are PenTao

We are PenTao

It is PenTao's professional mission to help international companies and career-minded individuals reach their highest level of polish and craftsmanship with their work product by delivering hands-on help on a per-project or ongoing engagement basis.

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We are a team of native-English-speaking professionals with a combined expertise in crafting a wide variety of written professional materials in English.

We have created a boutique service to help small and large international businesses and individuals significantly improve their professional work product in English.

PenTao will transform your work product, not simply into a form that pleases native English professional ears, but into a polished form that seeks to convey your message and your authentic voice optimally in English.

Our services are tailored specifically to the task at hand and are determined according to your specific needs.

For large projects, your PenTao collaborator will focus on one project —your project— until you sign off on it.

Experience the tao (i.e., the “way”) of the pen: we will bring flow and balance to your important written projects.

Celebrate the Way of the Pen!


What we do

We are PenTao

One of our main objectives is to allow
you—not us—to shine with your finished work product.

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Writing Services

Whether you feel you need a second set of eyes or a ghost writer to complete your project, PenTao is at your service. We will take your work-in-progress and, in collaboration with you, transform it into a superior work product for presentation or delivery to your target English-speaking audience or readership.

How do we do this?

First, upon receipt of your preparatory efforts or draft document, we review and evaluate the existing work product in view of the your stated objectives.

Next, pursuant to our engagement agreement , which will outlinine the agreed scope of PenTao’s involvement, we will work collaboratively with you to revise and reshape your material into a superior package of form and content within an agreed time frame.

We look forward to helping you perfect your professional work product, as well as your professional image.

Presentation Skill-Building Services

If you will be performing an oral presentation of the resulting work product and would like to work on your presentation skills, we offer coaching sessions via video conference to help you prepare adequately for your presentation before the target audience.

For individuals wishing to improve their pronunciation in English, our team member trained in teaching standard American (not British) English diction and pronunciation can provide you with several short but intensive pronunciation practice sessions via video conference.


Our services

Our services

If this is your moment to shine
in the career spotlight or otherwise a key occasion
for you to present your best work and best image,
engage PenTao to help you achieve optimal results.

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For our corporate clients we offer assistance with the written portion of all kinds of professional documentation, including:

  • business and administrative templates (including contract templates)
  • technical and professional reports
  • administrative materials (internal written policies, instructions or other materials for employees, clients or customers)
  • marketing brochures and other marketing materials
  • professional website content

For individual professionals we offer assistance with all kinds of professional and employment-related documentation, including:

  • speeches and presentations
  • professional reports and memoranda
  • professional or academic submission materials (including personal essays, cover letters and CVs)

Finally, our presentation-skills coaching for individuals will help you prepare for an upcoming job interview, conference presentation or other important professional event in English.

Our presentation-skills coaching package includes American English diction and pronunciation lessons, taught via video-conference by one of our founding team members, who has received graduate-level training in linguistics from the University of California/Berkeley and who has taught phonetics at the university level.

"For a free, initial consultation via telephone or video-conference and a price quote, please call us or e-mail us.


Contact us

Contact us

PenTao, s.r.o.
Nad Královskou oborou 189/7
170 00 Praha 7
Czech republic
+420 606 681 459

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CONTACT US: pentao@protonmail.com.




PenTao focuses on the needs of clients located
around the globe, including Russia,
Asia Pacific and Europe.

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How much do PenTao's services cost?

The costs of our services are on a sliding scale and depend entirely on the nature of your project, the value of our contribution, as well as its scope and complexity (e.g., to an individual's single project or to a company's templates) and the timeframe within which the work product must be finalized.

We estimate our fees based on the information you wish to provide to us via e-mail or telephone in discussing your needs and the desired timeframe for completion.  You will complete a Client Questionnaire via e-mail once you provide us with your e-mail address, and that form will be used as a basis for our initial discussion by telephone, as well as for agreeing upon our scope of works and terms of engagement.

How do we begin?

Let's start by discussing how PenTao can help you reach your goals within the timeframe required.

Once we reach a mutual understanding as to the collaboration via telephone or e-mail, PenTao will deliver an engagement agreement and fee proposal for your consideration and review by the next business day. Upon reaching an agreement regarding the scope and terms of our collaboration, we will commence work promptly according to the agreed schedule.

How may I request an initial consultation?

If you would like to schedule a free, initial consultation, please e-mail us at the pentao@protonmail.com.

We will respond to you within 24 hours after receiving your message.